Made in North Carolina

100% cotton textiles

RITE OF PASSAGE is a collection built to symbolize the elegance and sophistication of American made textiles and the meaningful role that clothing holds in our individual archive. The intimate relationship our bodies have with the textiles that adorn us empower the garments we wear to reflect and effect our psyche and identity.


Giovanni Daina Palermo and Libby O’Bryan met while working together in NYC and now collaborate on their own brand.  Both are professional patternmakers and conceptual artists.  Garments are constructed in their own manufacturing facility, Sew Co., founded to preserve the skill of sewing in our domestic manufacturing economy.  Sew Co. resides with in The Oriole Mill, a boutique mill weaving natural fibers into quality Jacquard textiles - the principle materials sourced for this collection. The culminating artifacts are a convergence of craft, design and manufacturing embodied through the traditions and ritual performed by the wearer.